Kai Cenat Responds to Joe Budden Criticizing Drake for Hanging Out With Him: ‘I'm Pretty Sure Your Kids Watch Me’

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat couldn't understand why he's always catching stray shots from celebrities.

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Kai Cenat had a fiery response for Joe Budden, who said he didn't care if he's hanging out with Drake in his rant about the 6 God's new album For All The Dogs.

On Monday, Cenat took to his popular livestream show and ripped apart the podcast host for throwing his name into the mix when speaking on Drake's album. On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden said he doesn't care about Drake hanging out with Cenat, and he should be around people his age. 

Cenat wasted no time calling out the 43-year-old and asked why he was always catching stray shots when all he does is keep to himself and not bother anybody. 

"I be minding my muthafucking business my n***a," he said with a Funk Flex bomb drop. "And somehow, I always catch a fucking stray. This happened with Zion Williamson and that other bitch, caught a stray from her. Don't even know how. Then we got this fucking Joe shit and caught a stray from this n***a."

The 21-year-old then explained how he did his research on the former rapper and found out he had never said anything positive about him. He cited the time Budden was happy he got arrested for the riot that broke up in August in New York City.

"The n***a is always saying something bad about me," he said. "I be minding my muthafucking business. We talking about the same man who said he was ecstatic to see me arrested and go to jail for the shit that happened in August. The n***a said he was ecstatic to see me get arrested. We talking about Kai Cenat? I'm pretty sure your kids watch me bro. It's kinda fucked up my n***a."

Drake had seemingly shown Cenat some love on the J. Cole-assisted "First Person Shooter" off For All The Dogs. In the verse, Drizzy rapped, "You n***as is still takin' pictures on a dog stream / My youngins' richer than you rappers and they all stream." 

The mention had Cenat going crazy during his livestream of the album, and he even got on a phone call with Drake to tell him he'll be in Toronto for the last two It's All A Blur shows last weekend. 

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