Howard Stern Tells Letterman About That Time Trump Rated His Own Daughter's Sexiness

On Netflix's 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,' Stern recalled a sexist interview with Trump.

Howard Stern is the next celebrity to grace Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No IntroductionWith David Letterman, and the first promotional clip is giving us a strong sense of what to expect—revelatory stories from Stern’s long-running radio show and the people he’s interviewed over the years. Namely, Donald Trump.

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As you can see in the clip above, the President once entered the lion’s den and presumably had no idea his statements would come back to bite him in the ass once he garnered the highest office in the land. Of course, the interview in question has been online for over a decade—and having Stern recount the conversation won’t do a damn thing to Trump’s seemingly invincible political status, but it’s still fascinating to hear. 

“To me, a guest who comes on and says anything that is on his mind is a great guest,” said Stern, who, by that metric, had the greatest guest of all time in his studio. “He would get on, and no matter what I asked him, he would answer in a very sincere and thought-out way.” This quickly resulted in a sexist conversation which had Trump rate women on a scale of 1-10—including his own daughter.

“First of all, the great beauties are not actresses…Anyone who works in the entertainment industry, really, I’ve only seen 6's and 7's,” said Trump. When Stern countered that subjective statement with another, rating Angeline Jolie as the epitome of beauty, Trump heavily disagreed and claimed there was a far more attractive woman out there. “Seven,” he said of Jolie. “You know who’s a great beauty? My daughter, Ivanka. Now she’s a 10.” 

According to CNN, it didn’t end there—Stern brought Ivanka up several times, referring to her as “a piece of ass,” to which Trump simply replied, “Yeah.” In another interview, from 2006, Stern told Trump  Ivanka “looks more voluptuous than ever,” and asked her father if she had gotten breast implants. Trump then provided Stern with an extended answer, telling him that she did not. “She’s actually always been very voluptuous,” said Trump. “She’s tall, she’s almost six feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty."


While a more sophisticated man who isn’t an overtly cartoonish representation of sexism, greed, and lust could more eloquently say his daughter is an attractive young woman, Trump just seems incapable of commenting on these things without an unnecessary ugliness and blatant objectification of women coming out of his mouth. While it’s unclear just how much Trump-talk will comprise Letterman's Stern episode—premiering on Netflix on May 31—the discussion will definitely be filled to the brim with salacious celebrity stories, and maybe a bit of personal life in there too.

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