50 Cent Responds to 'Power' Actors Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo’s Ongoing Feud: ‘You Should Sock Him Tommy’

50 Cent has offered his two cents on the ongoing feud between his 'Power' actors Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo, telling the former to 'sock' the latter.

Joseph Sikora and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson attend the Power Book IV: Force Premiere at Pier 17 Rooftop on

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Joseph Sikora and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson attend the Power Book IV: Force Premiere at Pier 17 Rooftop on

50 Cent has offered his two cents on the ongoing feud between his Power actors Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo, telling the former to “sock” the latter.

Heightened tensions between the two Power Book II stars seemingly escalated in Houston, Texas last weekend, where 50 Cent and Joe were performing the crime series theme song. Before running through the track, they invited a few cast members on stage, including Sikora and Paolo. In a video captured of the exchange, Paolo can be seen meandering around the stage showing love to his colleagues but is iced out by Sikora when he goes in for a pound.

It’s unclear where the apparent issues between the pair started, but Paolo took to social media shortly after the incident to air his grievances.

“You pressed? I would be too,” Paolo said in a video posted to Instagram, adding in the caption that “some ppl are just insecure.” Sikora later responded in a comment posted to Hazel-E’s IG, claiming he and Paolo had worked out their differences, but Paolo replied with a different story.

“We saw each other at the hotel afterward and talked,” Sikora had claimed in his response. “All good. *thumbs up emoji*”

“Listen I was gonna leave this shit alone but ppl keep sending me this and this dude just straight up telling lies,” Paolo responded. “It’s not ‘all good.’ I asked him in the elevator what his deal was with me cause he’s been doing this shit for years when I’ve shown nothing but respect and love. He kept just saying he doesn’t fuck with me. Nothing was resolved. Stop spreading lies cause people are pressing you about your saltiness.”

He continued, “Season 6 of Power he was the nicest guy in the world to me. Then when Ghost happened everything switched up. If you’re gonna try and pretend like shit is resolved for social media cause you’re mad everybody is asking why a 47 year old man is throwing shade at someone who everybody fucks with then at least do better then that my guy.”

Paolo then added in a separate Instagram Story post that Sikora had been “doing this shit behind closed doors for years,” and referred to him as “grandpop.”

50 cent obviously caught wind of his actors’ very public falling out, but instead of attempting to diffuse the situation, he stuck to his usual brand of trolling.

“Oh shit, it’s up!” 50 wrote alongside a screenshot of Paolo’s lengthy Story. “Now I never like to start shit but you should sock him Tommy. Wait I think this little n***a Brayden got a knife. lol.”

As reported by TMZ, a separate rivalry is reportedly brewing between Michael Rainey Jr. and Lil Meech, with sources telling the outlet both parties were aggressively tossing cash at each other during a Houston Tycoon Festival party. The antics nearly led to a fight but didn’t escalate to that point.

Speaking of beefs, TMZ also caught up with Paolo and Michael Rainey in Los Angeles at the end of August, where they said a rumor had previously circulated that T.I. was meant to play Method Man’s character, but that an alleged feud between 50 Cent and Tip had prevented it from happening.

Regardless, Rainey said 50 Cent maintains authoritative energy whenever he’s on set.

“If there was to even be a beef on set, 50 would come to set and that shit would be squashed,” he said.

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