The Internet Reacts to "Ice Cream So Good" Viral TikTok Video

She addressed her virality on TikTok yesterday.

Pinkydoll on TikTok

TikTok's "Live" feed offers a much different experience compared to its more popular sibling, the "For You" page.

The internet learned as much when a video of a Quebec woman surfaced that just depicted her saying a variety of catchphrases in exchange for monetary donations, including "ice cream so good" while she fake liked up ice cream.

Twitter: @Akii_vel

Pinkydoll, the influencer in question, has had several videos of her posted on Twitter showing her popping individual popcorn kernels with a hair straightener while repeating different phrases and thanking her donors.

Twitter: @MarloMoneyLong

Naturally, the internet instantly became confused by this phenomenon with some not understanding the point of it and why Pinkydoll had a straightener with popcorn near her.

Twitter: @tanaebriana

Other people said that videos like that are trendy on TikTok Live. One person even linked to a similar video from a Japanese creator.

Twitter: @hiccuptruck

Quebec Twitter has responded, loving the local connection.

Twitter: @gabrielledrolet

Some people snooped around Pinkydoll's other published content including compilations of her imitating NPCs from video games.

Twitter: @atwilkinson_

Thanks to the internet's mass confusion, Pinkydoll has generated a lot of engagement which, in consequence, could mean more odd videos like hers circulating around Twitter.

Pinkydoll addressed her virality on Twitter yesterday, thanking everyone for the attention, but admonished Montreal bloggers for not covering her.

"I know I've been popping, popping, popping lately, but how come it's all the U.S. people talking about me, sharing my things, put me on the block, everwhere [...] But when you look at Montreal persons who have a blog or anything like this, nothing!" she said.

"Montreal people don't wanna see Montreal people win and that's on God!"

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