The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Week: 'Better Call Saul,' 'Better Things,' and More

Sam goes to New Orleans and 'Better Call Saul' heats up on the best TV shows and movies we watched (and streamed) this week.

Best of the Week: TV Shows and Movies
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Best of the Week: TV Shows and Movies

It's the topic of everyone's conversation because it's the most important thing going right now: coronavirus rules everything around us...or at least Hollywood. And even though they are trying to fix their losses by dropping some of the early 2020 heat digitally, there's a lot of films moving to later this year or 2021. We get it, but it puts a damper on the fun we had building up for the theaters this year. That said, we're glad there's a gang of new TV to consume these days.

This week, we've got a trio of shows we've been covering for weeks now, but that's why: they are that damn good. They haven't gotten worse, either, which is great. From traveling to New Orleans to the plot thickening in New Mexico, we're really getting some quality new television to devour while we literally can't do anything else.

You know the routine; scroll down and catch a vibe off this week's best in TV. If you haven't watched, do us a favor and rectify that. You're welcome.

The Plot Against America - “Part 3”

The Plot Against America

‘Better Call Saul’ - “JMM” (Season 5, Episode 7)

Better Call Saul

'Better Things' - "New Orleans" (Season 4, Episode 6)

Better Things

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