The Best Black Friday Gaming & Tech Deals of 2020

Here are the best gaming and tech Black Friday deals of 2020, including Nintendo Switch, iPhone 12, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series sales.

Black Friday Tech & Gaming Deals 2020
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Black Friday Tech & Gaming Deals 2020

What is Black Friday, even, in a time of COVID? It’s hard to say. Even with social distancing, it’s going to be hard to avoid crowds at the stores and malls that are actually still going to be open. And that’s assuming that people are trying to brave the elements (and the ’rona) to get their holiday season shopping underway. Maybe the lure of securing a PlayStation 5, iPhone 12 Pro, or new TV is enough to get turkeyed-up families out of the house.

Whether you’re masked up and ready to dive into these deals IRL or keeping it cozy at home with your laptop and whatever magic will help you snag these deals handy, you have to be up on the latest and greatest Black Friday deals. We’ve included as much info as we can regarding the (super-scarce) PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, as well as info on deals on TVs, smartphones, the new MacBooks, and much, much more.

PlayStation 5 Deals

PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X|S Deals

Xbox Series X

Nintendo Switch Deals

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Video Game Deals

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iPhone 12 Deals

iPhone 12

Smartphone Deals

Google Pixel 5

Laptops, Tablets, and Assorted Tech Deals

A man wearing a face mask as a preventive measure walks past a Macbook Air by Apple advert

TV Deals

TCL 4 Series TV

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