Owner of 'Chicago West' Twitter Handle Offers Kim and Kanye a Deal

Owner of the Chicago West Twitter handle proposes one sweet deal for Kim and Kanye.

This is a picture of Kimye.

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This is a picture of Kimye.

Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West welcomed their new baby girl this week, and they may soon be receiving another gift. 

Despite rumors that the child may be named Donda, after Kanye's mother, they went with the network TV drama-esque name Chicago West, after Kanye's hometown. The owner of the Twitter page @ChicagoWest has offered to give the handle to the couple for free because, he said, "selling it just seems wrong," according to TMZ. Handle owner Jon Wyatt, grain trader, farmer, and seemingly generous person, has not yet heard from the famous duo regarding his offer, as reported by TMZ.

Wyatt has a simple reason for using the handle @ChicagoWest: his name was already taken when he signed up for Twitter, so he opted for his life experience. Wyatt had moved from Chicago to the mountains, out west. It appears that Wyatt returned to Twitter after Kim and Kanye announced their baby's name, sending them a supportive tweet, his first since 2014.

Congratulations to Kanye and @KimKardashian! Beautiful name.🍾

— Jon Wyatt (@Chicagowest) January 20, 2018

With Kim's obsession with social media, this gift incredibly appropriate and it would be a surprise to no one if she took Wyatt up on this sweet deal. For now, the parents of three are probably focusing on spending time loving their new addition. Here's to hoping North gets along with her new sister better than she does with her baby brother Saint.

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