Will Smith Shares Instagram Highlight Reel to Celebrate 10 Million Followers

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air just hit 10 million in 67 days.

Will Smith is celebrating hitting 10 million followers on Instagram with a nostalgic montage of his past 67 days on the social media platform. "10 Million - THANK YOUS to my New Instagram Fam!" he wrote in the caption. 

While the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star admits in the post that he was hesitant to sign up, from the looks of it, Smith is now a full-fledged ‘gramming convert. “In the past to be a movie star, you needed mystery and separation,” Smith says in the post. However, after a few Ellen tutorials, the actor nailed down the basics of a good gram—duck face, selfies, and “how to hold a white baby”—and launched his profile on Dec. 14, 2017.


For someone who wasn’t a fan of Instagram, Smith has a certain knack for posting hilarious content. From his first official post directed at Justin Timberlake, where the Smith flashed some hairy nip, to his hilarious family holiday posts last year, Will proves he is just as entertaining on the iPhone as he is onscreen.

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