Given the critics’ icey reviews of Bright, you may have thought the film’s leading man, Will Smith, wouldn’t be in the mood for Christmas antics. Welp, you couldn’t be more wrong… a least not if Jada has anything to do with it. If Instagram is any indication, the Fresh Prince and his fam are getting real extra with their Christmas cheer, thanks to the Smith family matriarch.

Ugly Christmas sweaters? Check. Hyper-posed family photos? Check. (Also, OMG is that a smile, Jaden?) Sleigh rides? Christmas carols? Yes and you know it! Good to know celebrities’ holiday family gatherings are just as awkward as those of us regular folk. I mean, can we just take a second to appreciate the profound horror that is Will’s sweater? Deck the halls with… dingleberries?! I’m dead. I think Jada’s actually lights up.


Speaking of lights, back to Bright. The film cost a reported $90 million to make (that’s a lot of Christmas presents, fam) and opened in theaters and Netflix on Dec. 22. Bright takes place in L.A., where humans live among mythical creatures like elves–not Christmas ones, though. Sorry, Jada.

Despite critical reviews, Netflix is said to have already ordered a sequel with Smith attached. Why, though? As Business Insider points out, it’s probably because Bright would be the first franchise film in streaming movie history. Mind you, it’s not as though the stakes are particularly high for Will. He’s worth a reported $260 million, almost three times the film’s fat budget. Now, that’s a lot of zeros to be cheerful about.