Jonathan Majors Found Guilty of Assault and Harassment in Domestic Violence Trial

The 34-year-old actor pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from an alleged altercation between him and his ex-girlfriend.

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UPDATED 12/18/23, 5:15 p.m. ET: Shortly after the verdict was announced, Marvel reportedly dropped Majors, who plays the character Kang in Loki and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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Jonathan Majors’ assault trial has come to an end.

Monday, a verdict in the case was reached following extensive media attention. Per a report from WABC, the actor was found guilty of a single count of assault and one count of harassment in the case. Sentencing is set to take place next year on February 6. The actor is facing up to a year behind bars, according to CBS News.

Just in from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg:

“Today, a jury determined that pattern of abuse and coercion culminated with Mr. Majors assaulting and harassing his girlfriend.”

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) December 18, 2023
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The 34-year-old actor was found guilty on charges stemming from an alleged altercation that occurred earlier this year. Majors was arrested on March 25 after he was accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in New York City. The woman claimed the altercation began in the back of an SUV after she noticed he had received a text from another woman.

“Oh how I wish I was kissing you,” the message reportedly read. 

Jabbari told authorities she took the phone from Majors’ hand and he assaulted her during his attempt to get it back. He allegedly shoved her inside the vehicle, struck her in the head, twisted her arm, and fractured her finger. Majors was taken into custody without incident just several hours later.

“The victim informed police she was assaulted,” a spokesperson for the New York Police Department said in a statement to the Associated Press. “Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition.”

Majors was hit with several counts of assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree, all of which were misdemeanors. He pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

“We are quickly gathering and presenting evidence to the district attorney with the expectation that all charges will be dropped imminently,” Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, said in a statement following his arrest. “This evidence includes video footage from the vehicle where this episode took place, witness testimony from the driver and others who both saw and heard the episode, and most importantly, two written statements from the woman recanting these allegations.”

The trial began on December 4, months after he was hit with additional abuse allegations. A bombshell Rolling Stone report cited “more than 40 people who have known Majors during his time in graduate school, his Hollywood career, and his romantic relationships.” Sources claimed he had a history of violent behavior, as he subjected his ex-partners to both physical and mental abuse.

“Jonathan Majors vehemently denies Rolling Stone’s false allegations that he physically, verbally, or emotionally abused anyone, let alone any of his past romantic partners,” Majors’ attorney Dustin A. Pusch said in a statement. “These allegations are based entirely on hearsay because neither of the romantic partners referenced were willing to engage with Rolling Stone for the article—demonstrating their outright falsity.”

During Majors’ abuse trial, the jury was presented with witness testimony, 911 audio, surveillance footage, and purported text messages between Majors and Jabbari. In one of the messages, Majors allegedly threatened to kill himself if Jabbari sought medical attention for injuries she sustained during one of their altercations. 

“I will probably [k]ill myself,” he allegedly wrote, as reported by Variety. “It’s not really contemplating any more …I’m a monster. A horrible man. Not capable of love. I am killing myself soon. I’ve already put things in motion.”

The jury panel of three men and three women were also shown surveillance footage of Jabbari chasing Majors after their March 25 altercation. The video captured the man running down the street as his ex-girlfriend quickly followed. Chaudhry said the footage proved that Jabbari was not injured when she exited the vehicle, as she was able to use her right hand throughout the night.

“His fear of what happens when a Black man in America calls 911 came true,” the attorney said during the closing arguments. “We are here because police made up their minds on sight… These prosecutors bought Grace’s white lies, her big lies and all her pretty little lies.”

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