'Fortnite' Has Reportedly Received Over $1 Billion From In-Game Purchases

'Fortnite' continues to make a considerable amount of money off its in-game purchases.

Fortnite is making a lot of money.

A new report from the research firm SuperData indicates that Fortnite has made over $1 billion solely from in-game purchases. It's an especially impressive feat considering the game was just released in 2017. This news comes after Sensor Tower reported that the game made $100 million off of in-app purchases in its iOS format.

Fortnite continues to draw in players and viewers and seems to only be gaining steam. To give you an idea of Fortnite's success, check out the graph below, which shows Fortnite's reign over their competitors. 

Like many games before, there always seems to be a trend that starts with a meteoric spike followed by a plateau where interest in the game starts to wane among its players. While it appears Fortnite is still riding a successful wave, Epic Games is already thinking a couple steps ahead to hopefully keep their players coming back for more. IGNreports that the newly introduced golf carts could eventually be met with users being given the opportunity to outfit them with vehicle skins.

Epic Games will need to continue getting creative to keep this money-making machine going, but the company appears to be ready and able to take on the ever-evolving challenge. 

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