In its first 90 days, Fortnite has made $100 million on iOS based solely off of in-app purchases, according to data gathered by Sensor Tower. Fortnite stands as the second-highest grossing multiplayer mobile action game ever, trailing just Clash Royale, which amassed $154 million in that same time span. 

Fortnite earned more than $25 million in its first month. Sensor Tower reported that the mobile gaming franchise could make as much as $500 million this year alone. Fortnite continued to keep on its projected pace, hauling in $50 million within 45 days. What makes this run all the more impressive is that the game was initially launched through an invite-only format in the first two weeks. 

Fortnite has also netted some considerable cash for the console market as well. It’s currently the most successful free-to-play console game of all time. In March, Fortnite amassed $223 million on just PS4 and Xbox One.  

Like many games before it, the Fortnite wave will have an incredible high before probably coming back down to reality in the near future. This past week, a number of celebrities, including Lil Yachty and Vince Staples, participated in the inaugural E3 ProAm Tournament with $3 million in charity prize money hanging in the balance.