Keke Palmer Talks Financial Security, Says 'Money Doesn't Buy You Happiness'

In a new 'Teen Vogue' interview, the KeyTV founder explained that her success doesn't equate to happiness.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Keke Palmer knows how to keep a check, but her successes don't always amount to happiness.

The actress, producer and KeyTV founder talked about economic security in a new interview with Teen Vogue, after famously showing solidarity with Taraji P. Henson and becoming a first-time mother.

Expressing that she made "sacrifices" as a child star that can allowe her to be "more patient" as a parent, Palmer was truthful with the publication about her hectic work schedule.

“I 100% feel like money doesn't buy you happiness. I'm not always happy because of my money. But the [financial] security I have with my son is a stress reliever,” the Nope star told Teen Vogue's Kaitlyn McNab. “I'm not saying that a mom that is struggling isn't patient, because I know that they are. But if they're not, it's like, ‘I get it, Miss Lady….’ So when I look at the position that I'm in and the kind of parent that I am or that I'm becoming, I think it's remiss [not] to say that I have a lot of help.”

Early on in the article, Palmer shared her reason for starting KeyTV, which she wants to instill "generational wealth within underserved communities" in order to "create wealth within our entire economy."

r"My hope and my desire is to teach people the skills that I have, to teach them how to brand themselves, how to be entrepreneurs, how to work within a system, but also use that system to create something that's unique to them," she added about her network, which she announced in 2022. "In doing that… I'm not behind the eight ball. And now my son," she added, "he can start at stage 10 instead of having to start at stage one like I did. I want other people to have that [too]."

Although Palmer has been a part of a legal battle with her former partner and son's father, Darius Jackson, along with his older brother, Sarunas Jackson, the Emmy winner revealed that she now lives with her sister's family. Palmer's parents will also be moving to California to establish a protective "village" around their new grandson, Leodis 'Leo' Jackson.

"It's more about keeping Leo insulated with the people that I know and trust, that don't just love him, but love themselves. That's really big," Palmer told Teen Vogue. "It's important that he has good examples. He observes everything. It's about giving him the proper role models and making sure my family is around."

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