Ben Affleck and Michael B. Jordan Reflect on Friendship Evolving Into 'Big Brother-Little Brother' Dynamic

Affleck and Jordan discussed their acting performances and friendship in the latest installment of Variety's 'Directors on Directors.'

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Ben Affleck and Michael B. Jordan are #friendshipgoals.

The Hollywood icons are one of the latest to appear on Variety's Directors on Directors series, where they talked about their memorable roles and longtime friendship in a 32-minute chat.

"Fruitvale Station had premiered at Sundance, and I remember you and Matt [Damon] were basically like, 'Mike, your life is getting ready to change,'" Jordan told Affleck around the 40-second mark about his breakout 2013 role. "From there, it was just like a big brother-little brother kind of relationship. That meant a lot, man."

"It was so clear to me: This guy’s just going up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. And be ready, because there’s a lot of things that come along that are difficult that nobody tells you," Affleck responded. "It’s a very lonely experience sometimes, and I was like, 'Hey, man, if you want to talk to somebody who would give you honest feedback … I may not be right, [but] I always tell you the truth.'”

Affleck continued, "People don’t realize to go from a life where you feel like you’re just part of the crowd to being in front of the crowd ..."

"It’s a transition, bro," Jordan added.

Affleck predicted Jordan's Hollywood takeover. Since Fruitvale Station, the actor-director has starred in Black Panther, Just Mercy, and the Creed series, the most recent installment being his directorial debut. The 36-year-old will reportedly be directing Creed IV, and co-star alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend 2.

Affleck, who began his film career as an actor and screenwriter Matt Damon, also made his directorial debut this year in sports biopic Air, which, like Jordan, he also starred in. Affleck will next make an appearance in the Prime Video music documentary This Is Me...Now: The Film, a companion visual to his partner Jennifer Lopez's upcoming ninth album.

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