Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Have Tense Conversation About Careers Being 'Taken' From Them

The couple and former 'GMA3' hosts got into an awkward near-argument about their communication and the "pressure" of their relationship.

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes got into a stand-off involving their relationship on the latest episode of their iHeartRadio podcast.

In the show's 14th episode, aptly titled "Things Ain't Right," the couple emotionally addressed the conflicts in their relationship mainly focused on their communication styles. Robach and Holmes also noted that recording the episode that day would be a surprise to the iHeartRadio production team, as the couple were at home instead of the studio.

Around 13 minutes in, Robach, 50, was especially tearful about the loss of their former positions on GMA3, suggesting that she's worried about their post-anchor lives. “We've always worked together, but working with this kind of pressure over our heads is a whole other thing […] that pressure is a lot," she said.

Holmes, 46, questioned Robach's thoughts, but she clarified that her worries were about losing previous gigs. “I don't feel the pressure from the public to stay with you. I know you well enough, and I spend enough time with you and I knew how I felt," she said. "And love sometimes is a choice, when it's hard, it's not just a feeling. Lust is a feeling, but love is a choice I believe, and I have chosen to love you. But I feel the pressure of our careers that I believe were unfairly taken from us."

Later on, the episode took a confrontational turn. At the 27-minute mark, Robach clashed with Holmes for not being transparent with her when he has "bad days," also calling him "moody." "I think that you, and you know this, you have many different moods and I've known that about you when I was friends with you. You are moody," Robach said.

Holmes said Robach's opinion wasn't "a disagreement at all," but Robach doubled down, calling out her partner for pulling back in communication when he's frustrated.

"I get we all have moods and we all wake up differently and we all feel differently based on experiences in life or things that are happening," Robach said. "I just feel like sometimes when you do have whatever, something serious, something pressure-wise, something significant, you do tend to emotionally and verbally withdraw from me."

Asking Holmes to "confide" in her so that both can find a "solution together," Holmes – who's admitted to shutting down during arguments with Robach – shared that he's "difficult" when it comes to his changing moods.

“Because when things get that kind of bad and I'm that kind of focused or that kind of quiet, the last thing in that moment I want to do is to tell you what I need,” he said. “That is how I feel, and that is the truth. Not that I think it's your responsibility. Well, you should just know.”

Both took accountability for the discomfort in their relationship by apologizing to each other at the episode's end. As Amy & T.J. has continued since its premiere in Dec. the couple has tackled difficult topics including alcoholism, their divorces, and the loss of close friends and their GMA3 positions amid their relationship being publicized.

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