Ryan Reynolds and Fyre Festival's Andy King Star in Aviation Gin Commercial

The actor recruited Andy King, known for his appearance in Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary, for the punchline.

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Ryan Reynolds doesn't contain his sense of humor to the various film roles for which he's known. On Wednesday, the Deadpool star appeared in a Father's Daycommercial for his Aviation Gin brand titled "How Far," and recruited Andy King—famously known for his Fyre FestivalNetflix documentary appearance—for the punchline. 

In the video, Reynolds mocks the promotional template of advertising the history behind a brand. At the start, Reynolds is seen walking into a stone enclave, putting on a white apron, and uttering the phrase, “How far would you go for your company? It’s a question I ask myself every day.”

He then begins gathering all the tools needed to begin working in his dimly-lit glass-blowing studio. “When Aviation Gin became the fastest-growing gin in the world, I didn’t pat myself on the back or take the day off. I started working even harder.” Reynolds continues, hand-blowing the individual bottles in which Aviation Gin is sold, and carving his signature into each clear glass. He tells viewers, “That’s why when Aviation recently suggested making a signature bottle, I committed to blowing every single bottle personally.” 

Once the actor concludes his blowing stint, the frame cuts to Andy King, who famously admitted in the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary that when thousands of Evian water bottles got stuck in customs, Billy McFarland asked his "wonderful gay leader" to offer agents a blowjob in exchange for the supplies. “He gets it,” King says in a bar after watching the Aviation ad. 

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In Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, King admitted that although he didn't have to go through with the oral sex, he was prepared to do the deed in an attempt to help McFarland, his mentee and Fyre Festival originator. 

"The video raises a glass to those who, much like Fyre Festival’s Andy King, are willing to go that far for the brands and people they love," the company's press release reads. The limited-edition Aviation bottles are actually carved, and Reynolds and King will donate a portion of all proceeds to the Exuma Foundation for those harmed by the Fyre Festival.

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