Fans Are Celebrating Ash Ketchum Becoming a Pokémon Master

A (scripted) lesson in perseverance.

Pikachu and Ash

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Pikachu and Ash

After more than 20 years of futile efforts, Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum can finally clear his animated mantle full of participation trophies to make room for one of the 1st place variety. And while you may be wondering why you should care about a cartoon character's fictitious accomplishment, that's probably just the cynical real-world repressing that bit of childlike wonder you still have somewhere in your overworked and beaten down adult body.

Anyway, Ash is now able to make the claim of being a Pokémon Master after winning the championship at the Aloha League during the latest episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon. This 'W' now gives the franchise's red-and-white hatted main character what he's always wanted, and is also a long payoff for a guy (kid?) who was able to invest 22 years of his life into fulfilling his dream because he never actually seems to age. CNET points out that Ash did previously win at Orange Islands League and Battle Frontier.

So far the winning episode has only reached the air in Japan, but that doesn't matter to a number of Twitter users who appear to be too overjoyed by this news/plotline to contain their excitement:

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