Leonardo DiCaprio 'Reacts' to the 'Euphoria' Season Finale

Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar-winner and noted 'Euphoria' fan, has dropped his reaction to the HBO series' Season 1 finale.

Leonardo DiCaprio attends 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' premiere at Cinema Adriano in Rome
Image via Getty/Franco Origlia
Leonardo DiCaprio attends 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' premiere at Cinema Adriano in Rome

Leonardo DiCaprio, world-renowned model dater and big threat to a lot of you haters, has been in the news cycle heavy these last few weeks off of promo for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the movie that will probably net him his fifth Best Actor Oscar nomination (and second win?!). But that bubble was briefly pierced when, in response to a question about what TV he was currently enjoying, the 44-year-old thespian name-checked HBO's nascent Gen-Z character study Euphoria in the hushed tones and awe he usually only reserves for the environment.

Leonardo DiCaprio on HBO's #Euphoria: "That show is amazing" pic.twitter.com/QQIw4wyYxb

Of course, the internet quickly dove on the inherent hilarity of a middle-aged guy known for dating women who can't legally rent cars without the hefty insurance surcharge being all-in on a show about teens and full of beautiful young women in their 20s. But, to play Posse Advocate for a second: whatever it was that drove him to the show, he's not wrong! Euphoria, which got better with each week, will arguably go down as the show of summer '19.

It all came to a head in last night's finale, "And Salt the Earth Behind You," an episode packed with melodramatic events and twists that rose to that title's challenge. This morning, it's left some fans of the show divided between people who were all in on shit like Rue's big musical number and are breaking down theories that may or may not be coded into it, and some who wanted more, while also feeling the episode was lightly overstuffed. To pierce through the noise, I called the show's biggest fan and got his take on it.

Below, Leo recounts his reactions to some key moments and plot points from Euphoria's season finale. (Sam Levinson: there's only one way to top Meryl Streep on BLL and it's casting Leo as someone's dad in season 2. Get him on the line!)

Nate on the dance floor with his Maddy rebound

Maddy on the dance floor in her Rose McGowan-1998 VMAs inspired dress


*pauses HBOGo to think back to the 1998 MTV VMAs weekend*

(Looks like it was a fun weekend)

Leonardo DiCpario Kevin Connolly

Yelling at the screen when Nate had performance issues (off the football field)

That overhead pan of all the illicit shit going on in the bathroom stalls during the formal

Anytime Lexi had a line

When "Blow the Whistle" dropped

Watching Kat and Ethan both shoot their shots, anxious that one of them is going to fuck it up

When Jules kept texting Ana and ignoring Rue as a result

Realizing what Fezco was up to 

When Cassie and her mom are at the clinic

Judging the merits and overall success of Nate's season 1 story arc

With Rue and Jules imploding and Cassie and McKay seemingly fizzling out, the number of couples left to ship is down to... (thank God for Ethan and Kat)


Rue's mom's speech scored to Donny Hathaway's "Song for You"

Thinking about Zendaya's awards prospects after that final scene

Overall thoughts on season 1?

BUT, mulling over the prospects of a season 2 filled with more Nate Jacobs archvillainy

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