Led Zeppelin Finally Lands on Spotify the Day They Release Free Mobile Streaming

Streamway to Heaven.

Image via The Idiot Speak

Not so fast, Beats Music.

When we gathered our top ways Beats Music could beat Spotify last week, we mentioned one big tactic would be locking in the highly coveted Led Zeppelin library that has eluded Spotify its entire existence. It now seems that opportunity has slipped away. Spotify announced that starting today, Led Zeppelin will stream exclusively on their service, bringing classic albums Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II to the company. The announcement came on the same day Spotify officially announced that it would let users stream their playlists from their mobile devices for free, a feature that was previously offered at a $9.99 per month charge. So, making a Led Zeppelin playlist? I think so.  

The legendary @LedZeppelin is here! Stream the albums as they're released this week, #OnlyOnSpotify http://t.co/XLCptyaeSr #StreamZeppelin

The company hasn't said when the rest of the catalog will come, but we assume it should be sometime in the coming months—which will help them keep the spotlight a little longer as the streaming music competition continues to heat up.

[via USA Today]

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