'SNL' Sketch Portrays Georgia as a Blue State: ‘This is Stacey Abrams Country’

Guest host John Krasinski joins the cast in portraying Georgia as a blue state, playing off the state's recent senate runoff elections where two Democrats won.

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Saturday Night Live capitalized on the recent excitement surrounding the election with a new skit depicting Georgia as a blue state.

The “Blue Georgia” sketch features guest host John Krasinski and cast members in a small-town diner portraying the typically red state as one that instead has a penchant for Rachel Maddow, avocado toast, vegan meatloaf, and political correctness. It was also a hat tip to the two Democrats who won the Georgia Senate runoff election on Jan. 5, unseating the incumbent Republicans.

“Good to see a fellow Blue Stater. We’re just like y’all,” a waitress, played by cast member Aidy Bryant, tells a New York tourist, played by Pete Davidson.

At one point, Davidson asks where the men’s restroom is, a question everyone scoffs at: “Yes, back in 2015,” cast member Beck Bennett says, proclaiming that they now have an all-gender restroom. Everyone also introduces themselves with their gender pronouns.

After Davidson shows his surprise, he then reveals he’s Jewish. “I hope you know what we do to Jewish folks down here in Georgia,” Bennett says menacingly. “We elect them!” he says with a laugh, referring to Democrat Sen. Jon Ossoff, who ousted Republican Sen. David Perdue in the runoff. Ossoff is the state’s first Jewish U.S. senator. Georgia also elected its first Black U.S. senator, Raphael Warnock.

A deputy, played by Andrew Dismukes, bursts into the diner and shares how “honored” he is that a group of Black Lives Matter activists are looking to “protest in our town.” Then, a Florida man in MAGA hat, played by Alex Moffatt, enters the establishment and is quickly kicked out.

“This is Stacey Abrams country,” Krasinski says, who plays the town’s sheriff. Abrams, of course, is the woman that many hold responsible for helping Ossoff and Warnock win their runoff races.

However, at the end of the sketch, it seems that there’s one thing the town isn't a fan of—face coverings. When a person from the health department stops by and says that no one in the entire town is wearing a mask, they yell, “Because we’re free!”

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