Woody Harrelson on Whether Jack Harlow’s ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Will Be Better Than Original

Woody Harrelson discussed his thoughts about the forthcoming remake of his 1992 film 'White Men Can't Jump,' which stars Jack Harlow in the role he made famous.

Woody Harrelson attends premiere of 'Triangle of Sadness'

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Woody Harrelson attends premiere of 'Triangle of Sadness'

During a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Woody Harrelson spoke highly about the upcoming remake of his and Wesley Snipes’ 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump, which will star the Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow.

“I’m feeling great about it,” Harrelson told the outlet. “They’re gonna make a better movie than we made. I’m looking forward to watching it.”

Breaking news/Crazy talk: Woody Harrelson says the White Men Can’t Jump remake with Jack Harlow is going to be better than the original. pic.twitter.com/5yAg0tBRh1

— Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar) June 13, 2022

Back in March, it was announced that Harlow will make his acting debut in the reboot of the Ron Shelton-directed sports comedy. Per Deadline, Harlow was hired “after his first ever screen audition, immediately winning over the filmmakers and execs,” and will fill the role Harrelson made iconic in the 1992 original.

Harlow spoke about landing the part during a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. 

“You know, I did the work to get it… I put the time in with the script. I sat with it. I considered things. I tried to be egoless during the audition, take notes, do what I had to do. And it came…. I just want to kill it. I just want to be good and I want to do everything I can to make it good,” Harlow told Lowe.

He continued, “There was an initial excitement about announcing it and just the buzz that comes with, look, I’m in a movie. Everybody like, wow, that’s crazy. But after that dust settles… it’s time to make it good. Because it’s either just going to be, there was an announcement you were in a movie and nothing else, or you get that and it’s like, wow, and you brought it. You brought it. And so I’m starting to look at it how I look at the music. And it’s my first one, so I care a lot about it.”

Check out Harlow’s full interview with Zane Lowe below.

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