Kieran Culkin Reunites With Steve Martin and Martin Short in 'SNL's 'Father of the Bride' Parody

Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live included a Father of the Bride sketch, which saw SNL reunite Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Kieran Culkin.

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The latest episode of Saturday Night Live was highlighted by a 2022 reboot of the 1991 film Father of the Bride, which saw SNL reunite co-hosts Steve Martin and Martin Short with Kieran Culkin, the last of which some people might forget starred in the romantic comedy as a child.

Titled Father of the Bride: Part 8, the sketch sees Martin’s character George Banks’ daughter Annie telling him she’s getting engaged for an eighth time at age 52. Short reprised his role as wedding planner Franck, while Kieran Culkin appeared in a cameo as a narrator said, “We bet you don’t remember Kieran Culkin” was in the film.

“Annie, what makes you think I can afford another Nancy Meyers-style wedding?” Steve Martin jokes. “I’m financially drained!”

“But daddy, I’m your little girl,” Heidi Gardner’s Annie whines before Martin snaps back, “You’re 52! Your mom started driving Lyft to pay for your last wedding.”

While introducing Martin Short to the stage, a voice over pokes fun at his character Franck’s signature accent. “That’s right, Martin Short is back as the beloved wedding planner Franck doing an accent that I think is still OK,” the voiceover said. “Let’s all agree it’s still OK.”

Later on, Culkin makes his appearance with Selena Gomez, who stars alongside Martin and Short in Only Murders in the Building‘s and portrays a wedding singer.

“Did you forget that Kieran Culkin is in this movie?” the voice over joked. “So did we, and so did he. But he was, and now he’s on Succession, so good for him.”

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