50 Cent's Girlfriend Cuban Link Apologizes to Vivica A. Fox Over Social Media Comments (UPDATE)

In a recent interview, actress Vivica A. Fox reflected on her brief relationship with 50 Cent, calling him the “love of my life”—and not for the first time.

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UPDATED 5/31, 2:01 p.m. ET: Vivica A. Fox and Cuban Link traded comments once more about Vivica’s interview on her past relationship with 50 Cent, bringing things to a respectful close.

Cuban Link took to Twitter this weekend after Vivica posted throwback photos of her and 50—Cuban’s boyfriend—to Instagram, writing that “it’s giving menopause.”

“Y’all, how that Pooh shiesty song go again? .. My momma always told me stay outta grown folk business [face-palm emoji] see what I done started .. [violin emoji] smh.”

Shortly after the violin emoji emerged, Vivica clarified her comments and posted more material from the DJ Vlad interview on Instagram, in which she called Cuban “beautiful” and said she’s glad 50 is happy. As a caption, she wrote that she “didn’t deserve no damn violin! (that was cute) I was giving you ya flowers dawling! Best Wishes! NOW! Let’s all move on!”

Cuban then responded to the clarification shortly after, writing that she apologizes and takes “blame for the all the commotion.”

See the original story below:

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Vivica A. Fox reflected on her relationship with 50 Cent, calling him the “love of my life”—and not for the first time.

The actress and rapper dated in 2003, and despite their very public split, she says she still cares about him almost two decades later. “He’s such a gentleman, he’s very generous. I know him as Curtis, always will,” Fox said, mentioning how he filled her house with flowers on her birthday when they were initially dating. “What killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast,” she continued. “The love that I had for him and still to this day. … He was the love of my life, I will admit that without any reservations. He will always have a very special place in my heart.”

At one point, she said, Fif was even going to propose to her with a 12-carat ring. “He got mad at me and turned it into a pair of earrings,” she laughed. “The relationship broke up after the World Music Awards. I came back and he was on the radio saying he dumped me.” When a friend of hers called her to relay that 50 Cent said they broke up, Fox replied, “We did? Huh. So he never personally said, ‘it’s a wrap.’ … We really loved each other a lot at the time.”

Despite the way it ended, the Independence Day and Kill Bill star said, “We’re cool now, there’s peace.”

After catching wind of what Fox had to say, 50 Cent’s girlfriend Cuban Link decided to chime in.

Posting in the comments section on a post from the Shade Room, Cuban wrote, “Awwww” alongside a violin emoji and a smiley face surrounded by hearts.

Cuban Link has been dating 50 Cent since at least 2019.

Fox responded shortly after via her Instagram Stories, writing, “Well! This is getting good cause I tried to post 3 times on @ShadeRoom. Now, @_Cuban_Link, what that clip didn’t show was that I said he now has a hawt girlfriend & I’m happy 4 him! So stay in ya bag boo don’t get nervous! I’m good 😉🤑👸🏾.”

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