Schoolboy Q Shuts Down Bobbi Althoff Interview Suggestion: 'F*ck Outta Here'

Doesn't sound like he'll be sitting down for a chat with the TikTok star and podcaster anytime soon.

Schoolboy Q on stage wearing a neon jacket and red beanie.
Timothy Hiatt via Getty Images
Schoolboy Q on stage wearing a neon jacket and red beanie.

Schoolboy Q has no time for shenanigans.

In a tweet shared on Sunday, February 25, the rapper was asked if he would sit down for an interview with TikTok star and podcaster Bobbi Althoff. In his response, Q made it abundantly clear how he felt. "Fuck outta Here 😂," he replied.

Tweet by ScHoolboy Q jokingly dismisses a fan's request for an interview with him and Bobbi Althoff

His comment comes ahead of the release of his sixth studio album, Blue Lips. The highly-anticipated record serves as the follow-up to 2019's Crash Talk, a project he said last year left him feeling "empty." He's previewed Blue Lips leading up to its March 1 release with songs such as "Cooties," "Yeem 101," and "Love Birds." It would make sense for him to do the media circuit with the album set to drop so soon, but he's definitely not looking for Althoff to be part of the roll-out.

Althoff catapulted to internet stardom last year with her podcast, The Really Good Podcast. After interviewing a number of people in a deadpan, such as fellow podcaster Funny Marco, she landed an interview with Drake. Althoff started as a parody of a TikTok parent influencer, launching her podcast in 2023 and getting the chance to speak with Drake by just DMing him. She later interviewed Lil Yachty, Tyga, and Mark Cuban.

While the Drizzy interview was successful, it was later discovered that the two no longer followed each other on social media, and the episode was taken down. There was even speculation at one point the two got romantically involved, with people suggesting Drake had something to do with her divorce.

She's faced a lot of criticism for her interviewing style, as well as allegations of being an industry plant. “I think a lot of people didn’t get that it was a bit, and I still think people don’t,” Althoff told Rolling Stone last month. "It’s definitely hard having so many people have so many opinions about everything you do. I think a lot of people think I’m just this mean person who says mean things to people. That’s why I’m trying to make sure people know there’s a difference between the interviewer me, versus the real me.”

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