6ix9ine’s latest attempt to troll Lil Durk, which involves his lookalike, has been met with amusement from India Royale, the mother of their daughter Willow.

Lil Durk recently teamed up with his doppelgänger Perkioo, a.k.a. Shmurkio, for the release of his “Blocklist” video. Shortly after, 6ix9ine sought out an opportunity to throw more shots at Durk by seemingly ambushing Perkioo and forcing him to wear a jacket with the late King Von on it. The lookalike has attempted to clarify the situation online, and now Royale has chimed in to suggest the videos of Perkioo confused their daughter.

“Willow talking about why Daddy talking like that,” she said, posting a video of Perkioo explaining the situation. “Idk why I never thought to show her him before this to see what she would say. But I was just strolling my TL and started watching the video and she looked and said that. 😭 This girl always have me in tears.”

A fan asked Royale how she responded when Willow questioned the video. “I laughed and said girl that’s not your daddy,” she answered.

Despite being told it certainly wasn’t her dad, Willow apparently refused to believe India. “She said that is daddy. I said Willow look at him close that’s not your daddy. So she just looked and didn’t say none. Clearly she ain’t see none wrong.”

Someone suggested that she show Willow a photo of Durk and Perkioo together, and she immediately conveyed the hilarious response. “Willow said ‘they best friends?’ I pointed at Durk and ask who was he she said ‘Daddy,’” she revealed. “I pointed at the other boy and asked she said ‘Durk.’ Then I asked each again and she repeated it. 😭 Sky said ‘he has a twin?’ 😭😭😭” 

In the clip that 6ix9ine posted this week, he could be seen putting a jacket embroidered with a photo of the late King Von over Perkioo. “Your n***as ain’t never gon’ slide but they definitely rep you all day on T-shirts,” said 6ix9ine in the clip, in which Perkioo looks visibly uncomfortable. 

In a video he posted later, Perkioo said he turned up to the agreed-upon location under the assumption he was being asked to collaborate with someone else. When he arrived, he said he was forced to meet with 6ix9ine, who he suggested needs to “man up” and sort his issues out with the real Durk.

“You can’t be doing that lame ass shit,” Perkioo said. “You’re using my face to disrespect [Durk’s] crew. That’s really lame.”

6ix9ine, meanwhile, has claimed he paid Perkioo to appear in the viral clip and that the claims of being set up are false.