King Harris Says He Lived at His Grandma’s Growing Up Despite What 'T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle' Showed

He suggested that he only went to his parents house on weekends to film the series.

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T.I. and Tiny's 19-year-old son King Harris says that despite what their family's reality show would imply, he actually lived at his grandmother's house when he was growing up.

Harris and his five siblings grew up in front of cameras as part of the VH1 reality series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, but he told Funny Marco in an episode of Open Thoughts that the show essentially lied about his living situation. "It's a lot about that TV show, man, that got people confused," he shared around the six-minute point of the episode. "Because I live with my Grandma. You know, we'll go to the house on, like, a weekend. They'll say, 'Hey we shooting today, we need y'all at the house.' They come get me from my Grandma house and right after we done, when the cameras go off, I'm right back to my Grandma house."

Elsewhere in the same episode, which was previewed last month, Harris was asked what he wanted the world to know about him. “What I like to tell people is if I’m the ugliest motherfucker in this world, what that make you?” he said, in an apparent response to critics who recently called him ugly.

Earlier this year, Harris attracted a lot of attention after he debuted a new set of pearly white teeth, which his parents approved of. "You know, you know he got the glow," T.I. said of his son. "That thing glow in the dark." Tiny also shared some praise for her son, thanking the doctors who helped get him his new teeth. "Regardless to what he does, everyone always seem to have their personal perspective of him, which is fine," she wrote. "But y'all don't really know him frfr, truth is real fwh and the ladies love 'em!"

More recently, Harris was criticized after he seemingly offered a homeless man $50 to take part in the viral "One Chip Challenge." In a disturbing video, Harris can be heard telling the man he won't get the $50 if he can't go without water for five minutes after eating the incredibly spicy Paqui chip. "He done lost," he said. "But I done gave him $20."

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