‘The Mandalorian' Births Endless Baby Yoda Memes

Cute as all hell, he is.

Baby Yoda AKA God

Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

Baby Yoda AKA God

You have to feel for the creative team behind The Mandalorian. They toiled to create crumbling planets on the fringe of the newly defunct Galactic Empire, dusting stormtrooper helmets on spikes with the perfect ammount of sand to imply lawlessness and neglect. And all people can talk about is the big-eyed baby Yoda puppet. 

The so-called Baby Yoda can't be a young version of the Jedi master from Dagobah, as he died before the events of the show take place. No one had time to talk about that, however. The Disney+ show unveiled a 50-year-old infant muppet that seems to be whatever species Yoda was, and the fandom instantly lost their collective minds.

Some fans used the puppet to share some stories from their own childhood, while others couldn't help but notice that Baby Yoda is better than just about any real world infant.

Sometimes a meme is two things.

Unlike all other forms of nerd shit, there's no room for pedantry in the Baby Yoda fandom.

Above all, Baby Yoda is relatable. 

The existence of Baby Yoda implies more Yodas.

And Baby Yoda is so powerful it brought director and noted hardass Werner Herzog to tears. The director, who frequently uses his films to ruminate on the callousness of the universe, said he cried over the puppet.

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