Megan Fox Reveals She’s Been in Abusive Relationships With ‘Very Famous People,’ Calls Them 'Horrific'

The 37-year-old actress shed some light on past abusive relationships that inspired poems for her literary debut.

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Megan Fox made a shocking revelation about her dating history.

The 37-year-old sat down with Kayna Whitworth for Good Morning America on Tuesday to talk about her debut poetry book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, which sheds light on some of her more tumultuous romantic and professional relationships in Hollywood.

“Some of [the book] is definitely a metaphor, none of it is what I would call ‘fictional,’” said Fox. “Those are all real-life experiences that I had.”

“This is not an exposé that I wrote nor a memoir,” she added.

Fox continued, “Throughout my life, I have been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several psychologically very abusive relationships. I've only been publicly connected to a few people that I shared energy with, I guess we could say, who were horrific people and also very famous… very famous people. But no one knows that I was involved with those people.”

The actress-turned-author also shared that some of her darker poems did not make the final cut in her book, citing concerns that people will try to dig into her past. “Some of it is too much when you're a known person,” she said. “If I had the freedom of just being a poet and people not really wanting to dig too much into my personal life I would have included more entries like that.”

Fox also seemed to clarify that the intention behind writing Pretty Boys was to help others rather than get back at her abusers, saying, “It gives an elegant place for your pain to live, to put it into art makes it useful to other people and so you don't just suffer with it on your own.”

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Elsewhere in the poetry book, Fox wrote two poems detailing her experience with a pregnancy loss that she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly went through together. "I had never been through anything like that before in my life," Fox said. "I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us. And it sent us on a very wild journey. Together and separately, and together and apart, and together and apart, and together and apart. Trying to navigate, what does this mean and why did this happen?"

The 176-page book was first announced in August and instantly became a best-seller on Amazon.

Pretty Boys Are Poisonous is out now.

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