While her husband sparks a presidential campaign, Kim Kardashian has renewed her commitment to seeking social reform. 

On Friday, Kim sent a message on her IG Stories where she resurfaced the case of Stephon Clark. In the posts, Kardashian explains that the father of two was shot over 20 times by Sacramento police in 2018 leading to his death. Unfortunately, no arrests were made in connection to his murder. This moved the Kardashian sister to urge her massive following to sign a petition that would pressure Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert into charging the officers that killed Clark. 

Per TMZ, Kim's interest in the case was sparked after having a direct message exchange with Clark's sister, Tiana Parker. Parker is a model for KKW Beauty and explained her brother's death to Kim as well as touching on the family's failed quest for justice. Although bringing awareness to the case and the petition was helpful, Kim also took some actionable steps. She informed Parker that she is in contact with officials in Sacramento to further bring attention to Clark's killing.

The 22-year-old Clark was in his grandmother's backyard when the police arrived after receiving reports of a man breaking car windows in the neighborhood. After the shooting, police claimed that they thought Clark was armed. Yet, it was proven that the victim only had a cell phone. As of Saturday, the petition Kim gave to her followers has received close to 24,000 signatures.