On Tuesday, Emma Watson participated in Blackout Tuesday in protest of police brutality and racial injustice, and she received criticism for the nature of her posts. The Harry Potter and Little Women actress shared three black squares on Instagram, but just days prior, she had shared three white squares, leading many to accuse her of co-opting social justice as an aesthetic. In a new note she shared on the social media platform, Watson addressed the criticism.

"There is so much racism, both in our past and present, that is not acknowledged nor accounted for," she wrote. "White supremacy is one of the systems of hierarchy and dominance, of exploitation and oppression, that is tightly stitched into society. As a white person, I have benefited from this. Whilst we might feel that, as individuals, we're working hard internally to be anti-racist, we need to work harder xternally to actively tackle the structural and institutional racism around us. I'm still learning about the many ways I unconsciously support and uphold a system that is structurally racist."

Watson's initial posts on Instagram received criticism from some of her fans, with many calling her out for labeling herself as an activist but doing the bare minimum to express her stance against police brutality and her support for its victims. "Over the coming days, I'll be using my bio link and Twitter to share links to resources I've found useful for my own researching, learning, listening," she added. "I see your anger, sadness, and pain. I cannot know what this feels like for you but it doesn't mean I won't try to."

Check out what some Twitter users had to say about Watson's initial posts below.