The uprisings in America have created a social rapture. The light is being shined on past transgressions in hopes to separate real support for the movement from political PR stunts. The latest celebrity to have their history brought to light was Search Party star Alia Shawkat

On Monday, a video started to circulate the internet in which Shawkat quoted Drake and Soulja Boy's "We Made It." In doing so, she casually used "n***a," which is littered through the song's chorus. The video was captured in 2016 at the South by Southwest Festival.

The context-free clip sees the now-31-year-old Shawkat saying, “I mean, everyone was so excited when we all came back, like we were all in the penthouse together and everyone was looking around like, ’N***a we made it.’ You know what I mean?”

Seeing as the Arrested Development alum is of white and Iraqi descent, her use of this word didn't sit well with fans and followers. This prompted her to take to Instagram where she openly apologized for her language.

"I am writing this to address a video of me quoting a song with the n-word in it as part of an interview 4 years ago," she wrote. "I am deeply sorry and take full responsibility. ... I regret using a word that carries so mucht pain and history to black people, as it was never a word to be used by someone who is not black."

The actress also vowed to learn from her mistakes as she is deeply "embarrassed" and "ashamed" by the moment.