Kevin Hart hopped on a call to surprise the winner of his All In Challenge in what became a heartwarming moment.

Henry Law is an anesthesiologist who lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and is one of the essential workers who stand at the frontlines in the current fight against COVID-19. He had no idea that he had won Kevin's All In Challenge—which included a speaking role in his next film along with an on-set trailer, personal assistant, and car service—until Kevin surprised him by joining the call.

Henry explained how he lives close to Philadelphia, which is Kevin's hometown, and how much of a 76ers fan he is as well. And to make the surprise even more endearing, Michael Rubin—one of the masterminds behind the All In Challenge and a Philadelphia 76ers partner—joined the call after Kevin left to further extend the congratulations to Henry. 

The All In Challenge is a fundraiser Rubin started by partnering with various celebrities, artists, athletes, influencers, and businesses to offer once-in-a-lifetime rewards like the won Henry claimed, all in an effort to raise money towards COVID-19 relief efforts. Contestants are able to donate any sum of money in order to enter their names into the contest of their choosing.  The challenge started a month ago today and has already managed to raise over 40 million dollars.

Other prizes include the chance to fly on Drake's private plane, Air Drake, and hang out with him for an entire weekend, have Justin Bieber sing "One Less Lonely Girl" to you at your home, and several other over-the-top rewards that celebrities have offered.

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