Nicki Minaj’s Barbz’s latest escapades show just how far the rapper’s die hard fans will go.

Earlier this week, Minaj’s fans trolled Usher for saying she’s a “product” of Lil’ Kim, which they took as shots fired. Talk show host Claudia Jordan later broached the topic on her Fox Soul show, where she said she didn’t think the singer’s comments were wrong, particularly since Kim was ahead of her time.

“Usher did not slam Nicki Minaj by saying that. That is not a diss to her but it is a fact,” Jordan said.

It appears that the Barbz didn’t like Jordan’s remarks either. The host has received threatening messages towards her family since making those comments. She took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out Minaj’s fans for their behavior.

“WOW now the Barbz have gone too far,” Jordan wrote. “Threatening to ‘BEAT HER’ my 69 year old mother & now harassing my 15 year old niece? At the end of the day what will this accomplish but keep your karma bad & get you bought up on charges? WE stay protected-KNOW THIS. #OverATalkShowConvo smh”

“So yall can justify trying to scare a little 15 year old black girl- like times aint challenging enough without you barbz being so ridiculous," she added. "I hope yall feel good about yourselves. But then again you have to be brainless & soul less to think that is cool or funny. Way to go!”

Usher’s comments originated from an Instagram Live session with Swizz Beatz, where the two musicians were discussing possible pairs for the Verzuz series. It’s been well-documented that Minaj and Kim have a rocky history. 

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