Before we get started, let's just say this: it's cool to chill inside while the world tries to figure itself out. We don't need to be out just because someone says it's cool to be out. Find different things to do—hell, watch some dope TV!

While some of us are watching (or rewatching) The Sopranos from the beginning, there are new shows that you can dive into as well. This week, Billions made its return while The Clone Wars made its exit. Sandwiched in the middle? Newest latest from Issa Rae's Insecure. And that's not to mention shows we haven't dug into like the second season of Dead to Me. [Ed note: We will rectify that this weekend, promise.]

You know the routine; we watch the shows and let you know which ones were the dopest. You set aside some time (of which you clearly have a lot of right now) and enjoy some dope new TV. You're welcome.