John Mulaney continues his musical contributions to Saturday Night Live by performing a hilarious parody about the horrors of New York City's LaGuardia Airport. 

The sketch starts with a man (Pete Davidson) and his friend (Chris Redd) buying pre-flight snacks. When Davidson decided that he wanted to get some airport sushi, Mulaney—who was working as the cashier—decided to spark a musical number about how unhealthy the sushi (and LaGuardia) is. 

With the help of the sushi chef (Cecily Strong), a goose that was injured by Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger's plane (Kenan Thompson), and more, Mulaney parodied Phantom Of The OperaWest Side Story, and other musicals to touch on all of LaGuardia's issues. Then Kate McKinnon played "Little Orphan Auntie Annie" to reveal who caused the airport's problems. 

"De Blasio," McKinnon sings to the tune of Annie's "Tomorrow." "I know some of it was Mike Bloomberg but it still feels like De Blasio is to blame."

Jack Gyllenhaal also made a cameo during the sketch. He played a passenger that travels in his pajamas to highlight the invasive TSA methods at LaGuardia. He did this while floating in the air and parodying Wicked. Gyllenhaal's appearance was followed by Bowen Yang's segment. Yang played an Asian passenger that was being profiled due to the Coronavirus

"Profiled Asian; no I wasn’t in Parasite," he sings. "I know the virus is bad, but it’s coming from Italy, too." 

Everyone featured in the sketch comes together at the end to close out the scene by singing a parodied version of "Road to Nowhere," changing the lyrics to "We're on a plane to nowhere." 

Watch the full sketch above. 

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