Count Joe Rogan among the many people unimpressed by Gal Gadot's widely-panned celebrity singalong of John Lennon's "Imagine." 

Gadot infamously gathered some of her most famous friends in self-isolation for the musical moment last week, including Sia, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, and Natalie Portman among others. The video garnered a mostly negative online, with many claiming that the well-intentioned act felt wildly out of touch.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan explained why it rubbed so many people, including himself, the wrong way.

"Did you see that 'Imagine' song all those knuckleheads got together to sing?" Rogan said to his guest, comedian Tom Segura. "This is not the time when everyone's grannie is dying you fucking idiot, to sing, 'Imagine there's no heaven...' Gal Gadot, whatever the fuck her name is. Wonder Woman? She's got this beautiful smile on her face and is so happy to sing that. Just like, she's seducing you. It's a terrible version, you guys suck at singing. Why are you even singing publicly?"

"I lost my job at the meatpacking plant, but Gal Gadot sang 'Imagine!'" Segura joked.

Rogan took it a step further, saying that if he was one of the celebrities approached to be in the video, he would have told Gadot the "ridiculous idea" is "so lacking in self-awareness." He added, "There are some people who get real self-indulgent and real self-righteous with that social media. It's exposed a lot of celebrities for being real dorks."

Rogan did give Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson praise for their handling of their own difficult situation. "It was awesome," Rogan said of Wilson's video, in which she performed Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray." "It was fun. No makeup. She's having fun. And it's so obvious she wasn't trying to be anything other than have fun." Hanks and Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus while in Australia, and they have been offering periodic updates since.

Watch Rogan go off on Gadot below.