Pete Davidson made headlines this week after admitting his televised apology to Rep. Dan Crenshaw wasn't exactly sincere.

The Saturday Night Live comedian walked back the apology in his newly released Netflix special, Alive From New York, in which he addressed the backlash he received for mocking Crenshaw's eye patch. The Republican lawmaker wears the patch due to an injury he sustained while serving in Afghanistan eight years ago.

Shortly after the controversy, Crenshaw made an appearance on SNL's Weekend Update segment, where he graciously accepted Davidson's apology. The mild drama had basically been deaded—that is until this week, when Davidson revealed his "sorry" was "forced."

"I didn’t think I did anything wrong. It was like words that were twisted so that a guy could be famous," Davidson said in his Netflix special. "So I made fun of this guy with an eye patch and then, like, I kind of got forced to apologize."

Once again, Davidson's comments didn't go over too well with many viewers, especially because Crenshaw was among the people who offered support to Davidson after he posted a concerning message on Instagram. But the Texas congressman doesn't seemed to bothered by the comedian's statements. In fact, he seemed pretty amused.

"It's like our comedic careers are joined at the hip because he can't stop thinking about me," Crenshaw said during a Friday appearance on Fox & Friends. "It's a little sad. We had a really good moment, you know, at that time in 2018. America liked it. The left and right liked it. So, you know, we don't really want to ruin that."

He continued: "To be fair, if we took everything that comedians said on a Netflix special seriously, man our country would be in a world of hurt. I would like to remember the guy that I saw in person and hung out with that night. "

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