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After being on a hiatus for a month, Saturday Night Live decided to play catch up on all the current events the show missed with a hilariously dark cold open. 

For the scene, SNL went after President Trump's pending impeachment trial. Former cast member, Jon Lovitz, returned to play Trump's lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. While practicing his address to the senate, Dershowitz compares Trump to his high profile former clients like "Sir O.J. Simpson."

After being urged by Senator Susan Collins (Cecily Strong) and Senator Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) to not mention his past cases, Dershowitz seemingly has a heart attack. When Dershowitz wakes up, he realizes that he's in hell. Yet, Satan (Kate McKinnon) assures him that she only summoned him so that he could be a guest on her podcast and she'll send him back once they're done.

"You have a podcast?" Dershowitz asked, to which Satan replied: "Yeah, I invented them." 

The devil wanted to know what intices Dershowitz to take up a client, wondering if there was anyone he wouldn't represent. 

"If someone is famous enough to get me on TV, it’s all good," he answered. 

After a few questions, Satan revealed to Dershowitz that some guests wanted to talk to him. It was at this point Jeffery Epstein—played by the show's host, Adam Driver—stopped by the podcast.

"Great to see you. What are you doing here?" Dershowitz asked Epstein. "Just hanging," Driver's Epstein answered.

"All we get down here is Fox News, and it’s been a joy to see you work," Epstein continued. 

Along with Epstein, Flo from Progressive, "the guy who wrote Baby Shark," Mark Zuckerberg, and Mr. Peanut also stopped by the show. Additionally, Mitch McConnell ended up in hell, where he claims he visits to use the Sona.

Watch this week's cold open above.