Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick has struck up a friendship with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. In an email to his supporters, Patrick revealed that he met with couple to talk about the Heart of Texas Foundation, which provides seminary education to those serving long sentences. 

"I had a chance to hear Kanye West talk about his faith at Lakewood Church earlier today and meet him and his wife, Kim Kardashian," Patrick wrote. "Kanye has turned his life over to Christ and his message of faith is reaching young people across the country and bringing them to God. Kanye wore my Texas, American Flag and cross pin that I designed many years ago. He gave a compelling message about how he committed his life to Christ after being lost for so many years."

Patrick, who was sat next to Kim during Kanye's appearance at Lakewood, said that he was personally invited to watch Ye at the church. After, the married couple invited Patrick to talk about the prison seminary program in Texas, which he started with Houston Senator John Whitmire.

"In case you don't know about our prison seminary program for inmates, all of the participants are serving long sentences," he continued. "The purpose of the program is to create an army of pastors in our prisons for the long term. Each inmate must complete the same four-year degree program as any person would on the outside who is seeking to become a pastor. The results have been remarkable."

Kanye and Kim previously visited Donald Trump on multiple occasions to help with criminal justice reform. Last week, Yeezy performed a private concert in a Houston jail with his choir. Kanye also told TMZ at his Lakewood appearance that he'll be focusing his attention on prison reform.

Dan Patrick, a conservative from Texas, is an evangelical Christian who previously opposed same-sex marriage. He's routinely advocated against bills that could potentially reduce the sentences for prisoners with non-violent convictions.