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It's gotta be nice to reach the level of cultural saturation where your fans run ad campaigns for you. Such is the case with #MarvelPlus, a new hashtag celebrating the Disney+ launch by combining Disney-owned Marvel properties with recently unearthed shows and movies from the Disney vault. 

Twitter spent the morning amusing itself with Disney x Also Disney combinations, marveling at how well the taste of peanut butter goes with more peanut butter. 

While some had to pull off a bit of wordplay to make the combo work, others found that plenty of titles contained double entendres. 

Disney+ already hit 10 million subscribers on its first day, though the company is staying silent about how many of those are free trial period users. It's got a long climb to reach Netflix numbers (158 million international subscribers), but it's unclear if the company even plans to compete on that level. By its own projectons, Disney+ should have 60-90 million subscribers by 2024.