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Saturday Night Live's season 45 premiere continued the show's attempts at political humor in its cold open. The obvious topic this time was President Trump's alleged corruption and the impeachment inquiry

Alec Baldwin revived his Donald Trump impression to contact Kate McKinnon's Rudy Giuliani. During their conversation, the president and Giuliani try to figure out who will take the fall for their dealings with Ukraine. "The greatest presidential harassment of all time. I should know: I’m like the president of harassment," faux Trump says at one point.

Baldwin's Trump then calls a series of people who have been fixtures in his presidency in hopes that they could help him out. He also receives a call from Chris Redd's Kanye West, who informs Trump that he has to cut ties with him because of the impeachment. Don King (Kenan Thompson) reiterates West's sentiments by telling Trump that he's hurting their brand. Finally, Trump gets ahold of Liev Schreiber, who, unfortunately for Trump, is just Liev Schreiber, not Ray Donovan.

After exhausting all options, Baldwin's Trump had no other choice but to start the show. Watch the scene above. SNL's season premiere was hosted by Woody Harrelson with Billie Eilish as musical guest.