At the top of the month, Kevin Hart sustained "major back injuries" after he was involved in a severe car crash. Hart's car reportedly veered off the road of Mulholland Highway and crashed into a wooden fence, landing in a ditch. In a recent update, it was reported that he was released from the hospital and that his road to recovery was on track. Now, TMZ reports that he's also checked out of his in-patient rehab facility where he was receiving physical therapy, and he's finally home again after undergoing spinal surgery.

Sources close to the situation explained that Hart feels lucky to be alive following the crash. Pictures from the scene of the incident showed his car with a completely caved-in roof. After ten days in the hospital on pain medication, he was released and checked out to the in-patient facility. Now he's got a physical therapist visiting him as he rests at home.

.@CHPWestValley officials confirm actor/comedian @KevinHart4real was seriously injured after a friend, who was driving Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, lost control of the car and rolled it down an embankment in Malibu Hills. @KNX1070 has obtained a copy of the CHP report.

— Cooper Rummell (@KNXCooper) September 1, 2019

Doctors and other sources have indicated that he'll be back to normal very soon. In fact, they added that Hart has "a new perspective on life" following the accident. "He really cherishes the fact that he's alive, and wants to make the most of it in every respect. The crash had a huge impact on him," the source added, per TMZ. As he continues to recover, he will be taking a break from his intense workout schedule and will be sticking to more simple stretching exercises.