Kevin Spacey has one less legal battle on his hands.

According to the New York Times, a man who previously accused Spacey of sexual assault has decided to drop his civil lawsuit against the actor. The accuser's attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, confirmed the news in an email to the media Friday, about a week after the complaint was filed in Nantucket Superior Court. The lawyer declined to explain his client's decision and did not say if a settlement between the parties had been reached. Furthermore, the lawsuit was reportedly dropped "with prejudice," meaning it cannot be refiled; however, Spacey continues to face criminal charges related to the case.

"Respectfully, because of the pending criminal action I have no further comment at this time," Garabedian told the Page Six, when pressed about the voluntary notice of dismissal.

The alleged victim says he was bussing tables at Nantucket's Club Car bar when he met Spacey back in 2016. The then-18-year-old accuser claims Spacey had groped his genitals during the encounter. The man also says the Oscar-winner had bought him "multiple alcoholic beverages" before he forcibly put his hands down his pants.

Spacey was charged with indecent assault and battery in the ongoing criminal case. He pleaded not guilty to the charges back in January, and his legal team claims the accuser had welcomed Spacey's "alleged advances." The defense is now on a mission to obtain the plaintiff's smartphone, which they believe contains deleted text messages that prove Spacey's innocence. Though Garabedian told the court the phone was lost, a Nantucket judge has given the accuser until Monday to produce the device or provide an explanation of where it could be.