Ever since the end of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's hilarious Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele, the two have gone in separate directions as far as their respective careers go. Peele has mostly ditched acting in favor of directing films like Get Out and Us, while Key has appeared in a large number of films including The Predator and The Lion King. As for whether they'll join forces for a project again, Key told Comicbook.com that he's hopeful.

While the two appear alongside each other in Toy Story 4, the role marks a rare onscreen appearance for Peele, who has become one of Hollywood's most acclaimed directors. However, the two are starring in a new movie in the near future. "We're doing a movie right now together, stop-motion animation film with Henry Selick, who did James and the Giant Peach and Nightmare Before Christmas, and Coraline," Key explained. "He's a genius. It's called Wendell and Wild, based off of a graphic novel, and we're doing that."

As for live-action films, Key added that he would be interested in starring in a "traditional Jordan Peele film," as well. "But I'm certainly not averse to us doing a Key & Peele film," he also teased. "Maybe a dramatic Key & Peele film of some ilk. I'm not sure what that would be, but of course, I'd love to work with Jordan."

Shortly after the end of Key & Peele, the duo starred in the action-comedy Keanu, which they also produced. Hopefully the two are reunited sometime in the future

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