Katt Williams has faced a number of legal issues in recent years, but it would also appear he was a victim of crime, too. The legendary comedian recently sat down for an interview with Jemele Hill on her podcast and opened up about an experience that soured him on working with others.

Williams claimed that the U.S. Department of Justice investigated an embezzlement case, and they came to the conclusion that a number of his former employees stole upwards of $59 million from him. "In my search for who was the enemy that was causing all these things to repeatedly happen to me over and over again when they shouldn’t, we uncovered that it was actually my people that was involved," he said around the nine-minute mark of the interview.

"We didn’t really know that until the Department of Justice started indicting these people for the embezzlement of $59 million from Katt Williams," he continued. After discovering this, he said he fired them immediately and was promptly blackmailed for more money.

Through all of this, Williams himself was almost caught up in the embezzlement case because the Department of Justice suspect he might have been money laundering. "They thought I had found some way to sequester the funds until they actually dug in and realized ‘why would I be money laundering my own money,'" he said. "It’s been a lot, and a lot of it you can’t really talk about. It’s ongoing."