Spoilers below. 

Despite fans asking for a spinoff that follows the adventures of Arya Stark, who's played by Maisie Williams, HBO's Programming president Casey Bloys says it's definitely not happening.

"Nope, nope, nope. No. Part of it is, I do want this show — this Game of Thrones, Dan and David's show — to be its own thing," Bloys said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "I don't want to take characters from this world that they did beautifully and put them off into another world with someone else creating it. I want to let it be the artistic piece they've got. That's one of reasons why I'm not trying to do the same show over. George has massive, massive world; there are so many ways in. That's why we're trying to do things that feel distinct — and to not try and re-do the same show. That's probably one of the reasons why, right now, a sequel or picking up any of the other characters doesn't make sense for us."

Guess we won't find out what shenanigans Arya will get into while exploring the lands west of Westeros or how Bran will fare as King of the seven six kingdoms.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bloys talks about the series finale of Game of Thrones and the criticisms it received. ​​​Head here to read the whole thing.  

Although fans won't be getting that Arya spinoff, there are multiple Game of Thrones prequel shows in the works. Earlier this month, author George R.R. Martin gave a promising update. "Oh, and speaking of television, don’t believe everything you read. Internet reports are notoriously unreliable," Martin wrote in a blog post. "We have had five different GAME OF THRONES successor shows in development (I mislike the term 'spinoffs') at HBO, and three of them are still moving forward nicely."

Stay tuned.