As we approach the Game of Thrones' series finale, George R.R. Martin has provided an exciting update on the GoT extended universe

The man responsible for the fantasy saga took to his blog on Saturday to confirm the status of the show's much anticipated spinoff successor series. Martin confirmed there were multiple projects in the works, but warned audiences to take GoT news reports with a grain of salt.

"Oh, and speaking of television, don’t believe everything you read. Internet reports are notoriously unreliable," Martin wrote. "We have had five different GAME OF THRONES successor shows in development (I mislike the term 'spinoffs') at HBO, and three of them are still moving forward nicely."

Martin's update was reassuring for those who can't get enough of Westeros. Now all we have to do is hope that HBO gives the shows the green light.

In 2018, Deadline confirmed Naomi Watts was set to star in the GoT prequel pilot. Martin said this series will begin production later this year, while the other two shows are still being written.

"The one I am not supposed to call The Long Night will be shooting later this year, and two other shows remain in the script stage, but are edging closer," he said before promoting his latest novel. "What are they about? I cannot say. But maybe some of you should pick up a copy of Fire & Blood and come up with your own theories."

You can read Martin's full blog post here. The writer also gave a quick, but favorable, review of Avengers: Endgame and praised Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign announcement