Game of Thrones came to a divisive end with its eighth season, and when it did A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin posted on his blog to let fans know how the end to the books will relate to the end of the series.

*Game of Thrones Season 8 finale spoilers below*

Since the ongoing fantasy saga has yet to be completed in book form, Martin had to provide showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss with the general outline for the currently unfinished final two books. GRRM briefed fans to let them know that same things in his ending will remain the same as the show, while other elements will change. Turns out Bran "The Broken" Stark actor Isaac Hempstead Wright reportedly knows what will definitely remain the same.

In a conversation with Making Game of Thrones, Wright said, "David and Dan told me there were two things George R.R. Martin had planned for Bran, and that was the Hodor revelation and that he would be king." Many were confused by the ending of Season 8, which saw Bran crowned the king of the Six Kingdoms, but it sounds like it was Martin's plan for the character all along.

"So that's pretty special to be directly involved in something that is part of George's vision," he added. "It was a really nice way to wrap it up." Fans expecting someone else to take the Iron Throne, or what's left of it, in the final two books from Martin will be disappointed. 

Wright has spoken about the ending already, at which point he said that it was "exactly as George R.R. Martin intended." Some fans disagreed with the actor when he said it was a "fitting conclusion to this epic saga."


In other Game of Thrones news, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have fired their management as they're set to start work on a new TV show deal. The Hollywood Reporter first revealed the news on Wednesday, and it was noted that HBO could very well be the ones to sign them again. It's currently unknown what show they're working on, but for the time being they're gearing up to write their own Star Wars trilogy.