Renowned costume designer Ruth E. Carter was tapped to create the outfits for the upcoming Coming to America sequel. The designer has earned the trust of fans of the classic comedy, recently winning an Oscar for her work on Black Panther, but she still felt the need to assure audiences that he was going to keep the aesthetic of Zamunda alive.

“It’s big shoes to step in. That’s an iconic film,” she said at a weekend gala hosted by the Black Design Collective in Los Angeles, per Deadline. “We’re going to continue Zamunda. We’re not trying to change the look, but we are going to modernize some things to show the new generation.”

Carter’s work speaks for itself. She’s worked on iconic films like Malcolm X, Selma, Amistad and Do the Right Thing, and has previously worked with the stars of Coming to America. But it certainly helps ease those who love the look of James Earl Jones’ royal highness in the original, that she seems genuinely amped to work on the sequel.

“I’m excited about it,” she said. “I’m reunited with Eddie Murphy. We’ve done several projects together.”

Carter broke the news that Coming to America 2 was happening with a post to her Instagram

The Coming to America sequel is set to hit theaters on August 7, 2020.

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