Ezra Miller is writing his own version of The Flash's long-awaited solo film, per The Hollywood Reporter

The actor who played the master of the Speed Force in Batman v. Superman and the Justice League movie reportedly wants to stick with the grim tone of those films while Warner Bros. has quite literally seen the light due to massive returns of fun films like Aquaman. Miller teamed up with comics legend Grant Morrison to pen the last-ditch, grimdark take on the character. 

The scriptwriters brought on to the long-gestating superhero flick are known for their lighthearted work. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein previously wrote Spider-Man: Homecoming and Game Night, and all signs point toward them keeping that same fun-loving spirit in their take on The Flash

Warner is open to the idea that Miller and Morrison can put together a script, hiring them as writers to see what they could make. Morrison's list of accomplishments in the comics world is long. He's written well-regarded runs of The Flash and JLA. Though Miller is committed to The Flash, there is some concern that he will leave the role if he can't come to terms with the eventual script that Warner picks. THR spoke to unnamed insiders, who said that Miller's holding deal on the project ends in May. The timing of the new script seems to be no coincidence, as a rejection coming so soon before his contract ends could give Miller an easy way to exit.